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A real example of Returns Avoidance Strategy implemented by Movired:


  • Analysis of the problem and current situation
    • 75% of L1 Repairs are NTF or solved by SW update
    • 20% of Rebound Rate
    • Analysis of Pattern
  • Identify key players: Consumer, POS & Repair Center
  • Definition of Objetives and Goals
  • Project Team & Responsabilities
  • Define Scope
    • POS Online Knowledge Base
    • Customer On-Device Diagnostics Tools
    • Deployment of intelligent modules (recommendations to Technicians)
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Result
    • POS Online Knowledge Base is rejected
    • On-Device Diagnostics Tools results on 35% of Returns Avoidance
    • Intelligent Modules results on 20% or rebound rate reduction
  • Project Closed
  • New Opportunities identified on On-Device Tool
    • Oline Chat with Technicians
    • Repair Case Segmentation
    • Collect and Share info with Repair Centers
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