retailFor the last 10 years Movired has developed real business solutions in the retail distribution sector covering functional aspects where commercial tools fail to provide the service required by large companies.

During these years we have accompanied our customers supporting them in the practical application of the best technological options from the always evolving IT catalogue. Since the explosion of the web, through SOA architectures, to the enormous possibilities of innovation that currently Cloud Computing and mobility offer.

Movired most important references are found in the field of the provisioning management and market monitoring.

In this context, user mobility has always been a key aspect to be considered. This device’s limited capacity, cost and lack of commitment by the main players of the technology in the form of specific development platforms, limited the application of these solutions to very specific functional areas in large enterprises, sales force support, aftersales services and technical assistance. We’ve succeeded in extending this to:

  • Provisioning. From pre-sales to retail, warehouse picking, order capture, management of warehouse, distribution and return of containers, vehicle cross checking and more.
  • Market Monitoring. Store / POS segmentation of chain stores and competitive stores / chains. Centralize management and tracking of modern sales team’s artifacts: promotions, direct and indirect rebates, knock-off products, loyalty agendas.
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