Horeca Mobility

Retail MobilityIn the Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector the implementation of mobile solutions can be applied to almost all organizational areas. The implementation of these mobile solutions has showed off high business impact in the following areas:

  • Information capture and delivery from/to the relevant sources (on site) in real time. Providing qualified and trustable information to Customer service, Quality Control and Marketing teams. Providing live business dashboards to every different business unit.
  • Alerts and Alarms. Coordinated business process and decision making intervention. Process optimization, reduction of uncertainty and the associated stress.
  • Availability. Every single staff member can access the required business tools anywhere anytime: personal organization of work, travel expenses reduction, improves working conditions and productivity.
  • Geolocation tools added value: productivity monitoring, delivery routes optimization, extended information value by means of geotagging.
  • Links the image of the company with values technology innovation and modernity.
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