Desktop application designed and developed by Movired for the automatic testing of brakes.

This is thanks to a partnership with Piedrafita for the construction of a test bench that could link up our software with the hardware needed to test braking units.

The test bench includes two Moog MSC II servo controllers, which are loaded with an application also developed by Movired that acts as a communication bridge between the hardware and the software.

The acquisition of data at high frequency provides a volume of information essential for a detailed and accurate analysis of braking units, thus enabling continuous product enhancements.

  • Configuration of the application (language, event log, etc.).
  • Manual configuration of manufacturers.
  • Manual configuration of models.
  • Manual configuration of brake callipers.
  • Data registration using RFID technology.
  • User configuration.
  • Configuration of the reporting service: this service automatically sends reports obtained during the day’s testing to registered email addresses.
  • Performance of defined braking tests.
  • Search and generation of different types of reports about the database-stored tests.
  • Display of forms with summaries and detailed information about the tests carried out.

User level

Test bench consisting of:

  • Command and control systems.
  • Sensor system elements.
  • MSC II controller loaded with software provided by Movired.
  • Signal converters and conditioners.
  • Physical security systems.
  • Personal computer with the following features: Microsoft Windows XP or later, .NET Framework 3.5 or later, MySQL Server 5.1 or later.

Application level

  • Compliance with Microsoft standards in handling registration, session, resources, services and installation of the application.
  • Multi-user installation.
  • Multi-language.
  • Event log.
  • Configurable acquisition frequency. By default, 100 × 13 real every 50 milliseconds.