Project formed by three modules that ensure:

  • User and role management.
  • MRO Suite module management.
  • Single sign-on authentication.

Thanks to this approach, we can configure a user’s access to the different MRO Suite modules (a user can enter the logistics management module, but not the stock management module), as well as the level of access to each module (administrator of the logistics management module and normal user of the repair management module).

Project for information management taking into account that each service provider may have its own nomenclature.

This is fundamental and one of the main problems that occurs with other tools in the industry. One provider wants to call an electronic device “A”, another provider calls the same device “B”, yet the device is actually called “C”.

Thanks to this application, we can consolidate the information so that everyone understands each other.

Project that controls and ensures the reception and return of electronic devices while managing the internal and external logistics of hubs and service centres.

The module enables:

  • Management of hubs and service centres.
  • Management and traceability of the internal and external logistics of hubs and service centres.
  • Direct interaction with the end customer (SMS, email, etc.).

Project for the repair management of electronic devices that enables:

  • Management of all internal logistics and repair processes of major service centres and customer service networks.
    • Logistics management:
      • Reception and return of devices.
      • Internal logistics (hub -> service centre -> hub).
    • Laboratory management:
      • Personnel management, including integration with ESD control systems.
      • Master data management: brands, models, BOMs, database knowledge, training tables, etc.
      • Log of events and records: inspection, software update, repair, conditioning, welding, etc.
      • Control of service flows.
      • Document management: reports, photographs, quality control reports, etc.
      • Integration with quality control equipment.
      • Integration with traceability systems of manufacturers and operators (GSX, GSPN, ASA/eBuilder, Hermes, etc.).
      • Integration with customer ERP/CRM systems.
      • Full reporting and scorecard system.
  • Integration with third parties for the traceability of repairs of electronic devices (file processing, web services, etc.).
    • Complete visibility of repair details:
      • Information about the electronic device.
      • Operations performed.
      • Documents created.

Project for the stock management both of serialised units / supplies and non-serialised components and elements.

The module enables:

  • Sorting of stock by assigning names and types.
  • Addition and removal of stock units.
  • Stock control services through the definition of rules.
  • Traceability of each stock unit.
  • Integration with third parties (file processing, web services, etc.).

Project for the configurable management of reports and scorecards.

The internal drafting of reports is dynamic, which hugely streamlines the generation of new reports.

Project to manage the sale and distribution of electronic devices to the end customer.

Project for the management of guarantees and covers.

Project for the management of inspection, maintenance and control of urban assets.

Among other things it allows to search and manage the information of the different urban assets for its control.

You can also view the location of each asset on the map as well as the photographs before and after its maintenance.

What else we offer
  • Bespoke solution for your company and fine-tuning
  • Environment and start of pre-production
  • Environment and start of production
  • Maintenance of environments
  • Access and information security
  • Proposed or on-demand security upgrades and enhancements
  • Direct contact with the workforce
  • Technical support (telephone, email, etc.)
  • Change control
Increase in productivity ratio
Reduction in infrastructure costs
Reduction in admin. resources
Reduction in direct costs
Increase in operations