Posidonia Maps

Application designed and developed by Movired for the presentation of posidonia maps. The goal is that the user can anchor without damaging the ecosystem and help the institutions and entities responsible for the environment to keep it safe.

This is because of the user, in addition to having information about the situation in which his boat and others boats around it are, can share the information in order to perform an analysis of the area that allows the conservation of the environment.

You can read here the news about this application given by the newspaper of Ibiza.

Download Posidonia Maps for Android.

Download Posidonia Maps for iOS.

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  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Configuration and settings of the application for the presentation of the maps.
  • Configuration and visualization of search points.
  • Notifications and warnings to the user about whether or not his boat is on posidonia.
  • Share information about your boat’s situation and experience.
  • Detailed information of the areas that are displayed on the maps.
  • Detailed information about the boats that are displayed on the maps.