The nearshore outsourcing service is an alternative to the temporary employment agency model and an alternative to the classic model of the traditional consultancy. Each customer’s dedicated team ncludes consultants and IT developers, according to the needs of the project. The dedicated team designs and develops while focussing on business processes. Our experts support the activities of the dedicated teams, which guarantees maximum performance to our customer’s benefit and in line with our mission to create positive experiences.

In Madrid and Granada we provide the nearshore outsourcing service , which takes advantage of a unique situation in which both the customer and the provider share a common culture and political system, carrying out their business in the same economic space. The main difference is that the provider is acting from an economic zone that is less powerful, but equally developed in terms of capabilities. This means we can provide first-rate services at very competitive costs to European Union customers without the drawbacks of a classic outsourcing process.

Cost reduction per hour50%
Overlap with working hours 100%