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M-Cas – management of incidents in homes is a service at the time of handover new homes to their owners, allowing the entire process to be developed in a single application, where all the companies involved share and update the necessary information.

This tool has undergone a review and successfully meets Foundational Technical Review (FTR) requirements of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.. These requirements include having a good software architecture and making good use of the services that AWS offers, as well as important security and system restoration details in cases of data loss or crash..

  • M-Cas – management of incidents in homes. Create, manage, and track home incidents from anywhere.
  • Mark on an architectural plan of the house where the incidents are to facilitate the work of the technicians.
  • Attach photographs or any file that can help the technicians in solving the incident.
  • Dashboard with dynamic reports on all the information in the system.
  • Role-based users where each role only sees the part defined according to its responsibility in the work.
  • Digital confirmation of approval of the solution by the client. Keeping record of who and when approves the resolution of the incident.
  • Integration through API to ERP’s and document managers.
  • Application reviewed and certified successfully in AWS Foundational Technical Review.
  • Responsive web design with access from any type of electronic device (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.).
  • Possibility of generating a direct access to the web application on your device.
  • AWS RDS Aurora database compatible with MySQL.
  • User registration and authentication through AWS Cognito.
  • Sensitive data stored in AWS Secrets. Passwords rotate every 7 days.
  • AWS S3 for file storage.
  • Generation of dynamic reports with AWS Quicksight.