Desktop application designed and developed by Movired for the monitoring of a PDU through CAN messages.

This monitoring verifies the correct operation of the PDU by executing tests configured by the application user.

The tests allow users to command a PDU, a power supply, an electronic load and a multi-function measurement unit.

The automatic analysis of results from these tests gives accurate details as to whether the PDU is faulty and needs repairing.

  • User management and configuration.
  • Management, definition and configuration of tests.
  • Management and configuration of CAN devices.
  • Management and configuration of PDU messages and statuses.

User level

  • Microsoft Windows 7 64bits.
  • MySQL 5.6.34.
  • Two CAN-USB devices that support 1 Mbps and Timestamp management.
  • Personal computer with data acquisition card.
  • Hardware to interact with the PDU analogue inputs from the CAN.

Application level

  • Compliance with Microsoft standards in handling registration, session, resources, services and installation of the application.
  • Multi-user installation.
  • Event log.